A wonderful reminder…

It’s funny how I started this blog as my own personal fashion police show but it’s gradually turning into a place I can just talk and share how I’m feeling. Today it’s a form of letting out my emotions (i’m writing this blushing). I prayed for a positive week, I left my house today trying […]

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Take me back to the Weekend!

Goodmorning guys. Did I say I would write a new post this weekend? Lol! I didn’t even see my laptop this weekend let alone open it. But I’ll share with you how my weekend went to sort of make up for it (I kinda really just wanna write about my weekend sha..lol) Anyway, lastweek I […]

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Summary of my week

Hi guys, you can’t begin to imagine how much I’ve missed writing but guess what? I got a job! You know one interesting thing about it, I got the job I wanted. The only sad thing is, I may not be able to write as often and I’ll most likely be talking about my week […]

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Fashion Review: Met Gala 2017

It’s a new week guys and I woke up this morning to seeing lovely pictures from the Met Gala. Talking about what people wore to events is one major reason I started this blog. Now these are just my opinions, I’m entitled to them whether or not I have a great fashion sense, so enjoy! […]

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Weekend Vibes

*singing* Hey readers, how you doing? Anyway I’m here to talk about what trend we”ll be rocking this weekend. Can we guess? Mules! Mules!! Mules!!! Did anyone guess that right? These are one types of shoes I didn’t think I’ll be eager to include in my wardrobe. Fashion really does evolve. My mom had these […]

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Thelma’s Wedding

Thelma is my elder sister’s friend that became part of the family. I’ve known her for over 12years and she’s been like an elder sister to me. Her traditional marriage got me so emotional, I was really trying so hard to hold back tears. Her happiness, the constant smile on her face, the look on […]

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In the Spirit of Easter..

Hi readers, I feel like I’m always apologizing for being absent but today I’m making a promise to you, my blog and myself that I’ll be more consistent. That aside, Happy Easter everyone! If not for you all that maybe your churches celebrate it or are usually excited about it that remind me somehow of […]

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