Interesting looks from the AMVCAs

I’ve been itching to talk about some of the looks from the AMVCAs that caught my attention and just share my views on them.

I noticed this year at the AMVCAs that most celebrities were wearing Nigerian/African fashion brands that looked really good and i must really commend our Nigerian/African designers that make us proud to buy and wear Nigerian/African.

The first look I’ll be talking about is Eku Edewor in StyleTemple. StyleTemple is a Nigerian fashion brand and I’m so proud of this piece because as a skinny woman, it is very easy for this dress to be too much on Eku but it was just perfect. The details weren’t overwhelming and the umbrella was a fashion statement indeed. The hair, accessories and dress all complimented each other. This look was perfect for her!



The second look  is Kehinde Bankole stunning in JacuiJames. Jacqui James is a London based designer and as much as i wanted to be disappointed in her not trusting our Nigerian brand, the look was amazing, she killed! I’m not surprised though as Yolanda Okereke was her stylist, so she was in safe hands. This dress was simple but elegant and indeed perfect for the AMVCA, so I forgive her.



The third look that caught my attention was Toni Tones in YemiShoyemi. and all i can say is..WOW! She didn’t come to play. I was tempted to say that this dress was too much for the event but this is Toni we are talking about and she pulled it off perfectly so I can’t say anything negative. She looked like a princess. The hair, makeup and accessories complimented this dress perfectly.



The fourth look that I certainly can’t get over is Somkele in Andrea Iyamah. After I saw her in this dress I had to look up this designer and finding out that it’s another Nigerian fashion brand made my day. This look was absolute perfection on Somkele. She was showing the right amount of shin, her hair,makeup and accessories all complimented this look. I loved her hair pulled back. Everything was perfect and she was definitely my best dressed for the night.



The fifth look that I’ve been wanting to talk about is Sika Osei in Weizdhurm Franklyn. The first thing I said when I saw this look was: “Why Sika..Why?” I was following her look for the night with the pictures of her hair and makeup and she was looking absolutely gorgeous as usual, i mean, last year she slayed at the AMVCA. This look didn’t do her any justice, everything was wrong with it. From the fabric to the details and the design on a whole. I immediately decided to check this designer out as I really wanted somebody to blame for this wrong outfit but ten I realised Beverly Naya wore a dress from his collection too and i thought she looked lovely. Then I said, oh it has to be her stylist but I’ve seen Hyperfashun (Ifeoma Odogwu) style other people and she does a lovely job. So why? This was my worst look at the AMVCA. I really can’t wait to see how she comes back from this next year, I’m really rooting for her.



The sixth look was Chioma Akpotha effortlessly stunning in Shakara Couture. When I saw the name of this brand, I just smiled. It was indeed a ‘shakara’ something. This dress was perfect on Chioma and that’s why I’m bringing attention to it. I it!




So the last look I’ll be talking about is Funke Akindele in Ayo Van Elmar. Hmmmnn, I hated this look. It was definitely my second worse dress at the AMVCA. I love Funke especially her character in Jenifas Diaries, I’m indeed a loyal fan and her award was definitely deserved but this dress was a poor choice. I didn’t like the hair with this outfit, maybe if it was pulled back, it may have looked okay. Her boobs was almost in her face. The long sleeve, the slit, nothing worked. I’ve seen her look better and I can’t wait for her come back from this dress next year.



These are totally my views, you may think different and it’s okay. I’m completing against shaming people. These are all amazing women, some of who their fashion choices didn’t work for them this year at the AMVCA. I’m looking forward to hear what you guys think too.


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