Men’s fashion at the AMVCA

So in my last post I walked you guys through the styles that caught my attention but not only women were present..Lol. Because the AMVCAs was so last week my recent posts will be talking about it so we can round-up and move on.

The first look I’ll be drawing your attention to is Kunle Remi’s outfit. He was styled by Shantelle Peters Elnas who is obviously just new in the business. I realised that many people were talking about this outfit and whether it was good or bad, I’m sure it drew attention to her.

While I can’t say this is my best dressed for the night, this is fashion. I mean, what really is fashion if you can’t take risks, be daring and try new things. This didn’t hurt my eyesight and I liked everything going on. He called it “Africa Magic”. He mixed African and English attires and that was definitely something.



The second look is Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) in ….oh yes, I dunno who or what he’s wearing. When I saw him I was just sad because this is RMD, the hottest grandpa ever. He has looked better and I’m his biggest fan. I’m pretty certain he really didn’t care too much about his look but for him to have worn snickers, shows he tried to put in effort except it didn’t turn out so great. I’m looking forward to this picture being replaced with a better one next award season.



The third look is Uti Nwachukwu in Emmy Kasbit. When it comes to men’s fashion Uti always kills it so effortlessly. We’ve seen him in mustard, red, black..keep listing…and now its teal. I love that he’s not afraid of colours because men usually are and that’s what makes his style not bore us.



The fourth look of the night is Akin Faminu in TWIF Clothing.When I saw this picture I immediately fell in love because of the fitting and the pants looked like the pants salsa dancers wear and it’s something different but then I saw his shoes and hated them. But overall I thought he looked amazing.



The last look I’ll be talking about in this post is Mo Eazy in Looks Like A Good Man which most male celebrities that wore agbada seemed to have been wearing and they all looked great. We were celebrating Africans and how far we’ve come in movie making so what better way than to come dressed in our native attire.


The men certainly didn’t come to play too as many of them were looking really dapper. If I talked about all the looks, you’ll probably get bored of reading. It was difficult to pick my best dressed male as I loved a lot of looks including Bovi and  Ik Ogbonna so I’ll be leaving that up to you guys to comment on who you thought looked the best.


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