Lanre DaSilva Ajayi’s “Artistic Statement” Collection

A lot of media personality ‘girls’ seem to have be rocking pieces from this collection and because I love every person that has worn a piece from this collection, I immediately fell in love with it.

The first person I saw that wore something from this collection was media personality, Mimi Onalaja, to the Wedding party record breaking celebration. At first, Iwasn’t sure how I felt about it on her but when I saw the back view, I immediately fell in love. I loved the colour and fitting on her. I loved that her pants were wide-legged and the detail on the blouse was directly below her boobs.



The second person that has worn a piece from this collection is Zainab Balogun to the Vanguard Personality of the year award. When I saw this picture I just had to comment. She brought live to that dress and I couldn’t have imagined anybody wear it better. She definitely killed it. I would have preferred she wore a plain strap sandals but overall she looked great, I mean look at how it clung to her body.



Another person I really loved in one of his pieces is style blogger, Monica Awe-Etuk. She killed this look from head to toe. Hers is definitely my best.



The last person that really brought another piece to live was Ozinna Anumudu. Everything Ozinna wears looks good and she doesn’t even have to try hard. It’s no wonder everybody wants her promoting their brand. She wore the top in yellow and it looked slightly different from what the runway model had on but then Eku Edewor, another media personality ‘girl’ wore the exact top from the runway and looked so bomb too. So whether in yellow or in bright pink, they both killed it. I’m sorry I couldnt find a picture of Eku wearing hers but heres a picture of Ozinna.



One thing I learnt in general is you can’t really know what a piece will look like by just looking at it on the runway till you find the perfect person to wear it..LOL


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