Style Focus: Inidinma Okojie

Style focus is something new I’m adding to my blog where I review the styles of certain celebrities.

My first style focus will be on Inidinma Okojie. I’ll be posting some of my favourite looks of her.

Inidinma is a Nollywood actress who began her career sometime in 2014. She’s loyal to Nigerian designer, Fablane by Derin, who is also a close friend of hers.

She seems like a playful type as seen in some of her videos on snapchat and Instagram.

My favourite thing about Ini as I like to call her, is her love for her jewelries especially rings as I’m a “ring girl” too.

This first look of her was her look to the AMVCA. I loved this look, she looked like a princess. I felt her look was tinkerbell inspired. I didn’t like her makeup much, I would have preferred a darker lips.

IMG_2052 (2).PNG
Dress: Fablane by Derin

She wore this second look to the SLAY festival. Looking back on my previous post of how skirts and sneakers go hand in hand. The look was casual but very chic.


I really did try to get my hands on who designed this dress because it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s different. While ehmm it looks like “egun-egun” (masquerade), she still killed it. I mean, it’s easy for this dress to go wrong in all sort of ways because of the details but it was just perfect.

Occasion: LFDW2016

Whenever i see this really short shorts on shopmaju’s site, I’m like..what can you wear this shorts with? and then I saw Ini and I’m like..Wow! She dressed it up with the heels. When you’re having a chill day and still want to look fab or an outting with the girls, I really will recommend this look and oh! please sight the rings.

Shorts: Shopmaju

She wore this dress to a wedding and of course Derin also had her back on this one. Home or abroad, she stayed loyal to her Nigerian designer and because of Ini, I’ve been looking forward to rocking a tuban to a wedding, she makes it look so cool. Not every time gele or fine hair. Somebody forgot to tell Ini that it’s wrong to wear black to a wedding but since we are just admiring the dress, we’ll let it pass. I really hope she doesn’t make this mistake again though.

Dress: Fablane by Derin

This look totally has the retro vibe going on. This was the first time I saw Ini on short hair and i thought she looked good on it. I loved her lip colour, her accesories..I loved this look, it was something different. This outfit was from Shopmaju.


This look brought out the serious side of Ini. Let’s take time out to appreciate this look; the colors that came out to play, the pose, her accessories, the makeup, the hair..need I say more?

Skirt: Fablane by Derin

The one thing I loved about this look was her hair. This look is completely elegant, nothing more!


What did you guys think of my views on each outfit and the picture gallery? Please leave your comments as this is something I’ll like to continue and I need your options. To see more of her pictures follow her on instagram @inidinmaokojie.


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