May’s Big 25

The age, 25, for me is an outstanding year and one of those birthdays that should be celebrated. it’s the year;

  • you start to take everything a little bit more seriously
  • marriage becomes a thought (if you aren’t married)
  • you start to ask questions like, “what am I really doing with my life”?

It’s like the pressure of life hits you a little bit more. So celebrating it for me just means enjoying your day off from all these thoughts and stress the new year may come with, have fun and just appreciate how far you’ve come

Because I know 25th birthdays mean a lot to me and a lot of people, I was excited to help pick out this look for her shoot.

Styling people is one of the few things I love to do asides playing dress The best part of it for me, is seeing people’s faces when they love the outcome and when they look their best.

My message to May goes thus:

Happy birthday Mayowa! 25 is just a starting point for bigger things to come. I pray that your 25th birthday will be the start of a new era of prosperity, purpose and happiness for you IJN. Amen. For being an amazing friend to my sister, I already know you’re an awesome person and I love you.

Here are some pictures from the shoot.






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