The Choker Fashion

The choker accessory has received both negative and positive vibes. I can imagine why people make fun it is because some people wear it so wrongly or look like they are being strangled by it. I’ve seen people make wrong choker choices or abuse the fashion in general, they wear it on every damn thing, whether it goes or not.

When 2016 was coming to an end, a lot of things were listed as part of what should be dropped in 2016 and chokers were one of them. I’m here to tell you that the choker trend isn’t going anywhere. As with all trends, they are constantly changing and evolving.

The mistake people make with choker is that they over accessorize, have busy hair-dos and they choose really cheap looking ones or don’t even know how to style it. If you look at how fashion icons, bloggers, style influencers and celebrities are styling their chokers, you will notice that they all stay away from wearing too many accessories when rocking a choker.

Here are pictures showing ways different types of chokers can be worn on different outfits.












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