MCM: Noble Igwe

Hello Readers! Hope our weekend was lovely. A new week has started and I know most of us hate Mondays but since they are unavoidable, let’s try to make the most of it.

So my style focus for today is Noble Igwe. Noble Igwe is a Nigerian blogger, the founder and Chief executive officer of the 360 group. He’s currently payporte’s fashion ambassador.

I recently just started following up on his style early this year. My reservations at first was, Igbo men have weird fashion sense and I have a feeling this guy is one of them but then I started following him on instagram and I just fell in

One thing I like about his style is it’s versatility. He switches up traditional and English styles, sometimes he wears them together and plays with a lot of prints and textures.I love his street wears too. My least favourite looks of him though is in a suit but does it really matter though, we can agree that suits are not for everybody and so far you know what suits you and you stick to it, you’re good to go. I like that he’s a shades guy and I love his signature bushy beards.

Ps: I think I have a thing for men/boys with bow-legs. There’s just that type of bow that’s sexy.. If you know how to make it work and it doesn’t ruin your style/looks I’m

Here are some of my favourite pictures of him..Let’s enjoy!

Don’t we just love this sporty look with the hat
Outfit: @kstitches on instagram
My not so favourite look..check down to see who he’s wearing

Shoes and belt: Lolu

Jacket: Rhobes Clothing Co

Pants: Mai Atafo

Shoes: LOLU
Let’s take time to appreciate everything going on with this look and his photographer of course!
Outfit: The Adirelounge
Do we remember this sport jacket and the hat? Well he switched it up with shoes and jeans for a more casual look

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