Style Crush: Ozinna Anumudu

My forever style crush goes to Ozinna. Ozinna is the founder of The Style Concierge. She’s known for two things: fashion and branding. Before this post I looked her up and I found out that everybody has something to say about her style(good things) which only means, she’s definitely doing something right. I heard she got it from her mother and I can only agree because that woman knows what’s up.

For me, what I like most about her style is it’s versatility, how effortless and comfortable it is. Her style is what every average ‘nigerian’ girl can wear in the sense that it’s too much boobs showing, no thigh high slits. It’s no wonder everybody wants her branding their products. She’ll make people wear it. I read an interview of her where she shared some of her challenges and here’s what she said;

“I’ve have gradually become a personality on social media and because that mixes with branding and communications, I can only show certain part of my life. I don’t mind it, but the struggle is that when you own your own business and are responsible for a group of people, it becomes tough. You have to maintain  certain image and persona to people and make it seem really easy”

When I read this..I was like: awwwnn..she cares so much about the people that look up to her style and she’s trying to teach them a little that looking stylish is not that hard(she makes it look so easy).

My personal message to her is:

Ozinna, if you some day read this, I’m really looking forward to meeting you and having my own interview. You style inspire me a lot (I can’t begin to describe how much) and I can imagine how many more people you also inspire. I’m over here majorly crushing on you( no homo) and I hope we can work together sometime.

I’ve outlined some my favourite looks of her and put them into segments.

  • The church ready outfits: I’m sure I’ve said before that I’m a skirt/dress girl and so I’m trying to keep it exciting by looking out new styles. I’m happy she has me covered in this area too.




  • The dinner date look: Every girl should have a little black dress they always come in handy. Then your pair of heels( should be comfortable) should never be missing for a date. Thank me later or should I say, thank Ozinna?



  • Casual Chic look: Did I forget to say Ozinna is a slippers girl, she likes to be comfortable. But then again, the ones she chooses to wear are so stylish. I can only imagine she’s trying to remind us that you can look good in slippers too and her smile in these pictures scream “fashion is easy”!




  • Office ready: She’s telling us she can be really official too. She’s bringing out her serious but stylish side in all these looks.




  • Clash of Prints: This is something she does so well. I never try this because it’s very easy for it to go wrong and have you looking like a total mess but it’s Zina, she’s a risk taker. Can you really talk fashion when you can’t take risks?





  • Maxi gowns: I mean not everyday, skin tight…sometimes let it loose and be free!IMG_2408.PNG
  • IMG_2406.PNGIMG_2410.PNGAnkara looks: We can all agree that Zina loves her ankaras and because I couldn’t pick my favourite, I just took this collage she already made herself.IMG_2405.PNG

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did while putting it together. She still has more amazing looks so be sure to check her out on instagram @ozinna. See you next time *kisses


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