Weekend Vibes: Views on the braless trend

Back in the days, buying a first bra was like a rite of passage for young women. These days however, most people seem to be ditching the undergarment. I recently came across an article that said; going braless is nothing new — the concept is at least as old as the women’s liberation movement of the ’60s. Hmmmnnn

For me, before I started noticing the trend, I already hated bras because sometimes they are really uncomfortable so any opportunity(like wearing a dress that doesn’t require one or just when I’m indoors) that came with ditching my bra I jumped at it gladly.

If there’s anything celebrities are good at, it’s starting new trends, which can sometimes be bold, relatively simple or sometimes silly. One of the latest trends in the States is not wearing a bra. Many Hollywood stars are following the braless trend in many different settings: day and night, on the red carpet, or simply when out shopping.The first foreign celebrity I noticed that seemed to be going every where braless when the trend started was Kendall Jenner and I was like, “I wish I had her courage”. I kept wondering can Nigerians ever get to that point where we will completely embrace this trend? We are accused of always copying..lol

Of course there will come a point in most women’s lives that you’ll leave your house without a bra..I mean, if the dress doesn’t require it (or with really good reason). However in this part of the world, we’ve been very careful so as not to bare our nipples out like that-sometimes with the help of cellotapes. But this trend is completely different: complete see through blouses with no bra, no care in the world as to whether your nipples are sticking out or not, or if the world can see your breast.

For me I’ve had missed feelings about it-when it’s in a proper covered cloth and you’re without a bra and your nipples are sticking out, I may not mind too much because bras can be stressful, trust me, I get it! But when you wear a complete see through and we can see your whole breasts and say you’re wearing a top in the name of fashion, I just don’t get it, it’s a bit disturbing. There was a time were people wore see through blouses and we could see their bra, I’m not sure I really minded that one, I was completely indifferent.

I went for my sister’s birthday recently and the armless bra I wore started misbehaving and making me really uncomfortable. I went to the ladies to try and adjust it but it wasn’t any better, so I took it off. It felt really comfortable afterwards but I was like, “Everybody will start staring” but since the only other option I had was really uncomfortable I decided to own it.

What’s your view on this braless trend? Have you tried it intentionally or unintentionally, what reaction did you get from people? How did you feel?

It’s the weekend and we are supposed to have fun..does that mean throwing caution to the wind and just having fun without your bra getting in way?

I’ve attached pictures of celebrities and the different occasions they’ve gone braless. Keep your comments coming and have a lovely weekend everyone!








2 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes: Views on the braless trend

  1. I am all for not wearing a bra (I have small/no breasts so there isn’t really any point for me to wear one) BUT I do not think I can get on board with this kind of no bra wearing fashion. I just find it kind of unnecessary. They look great! but I wouldn’t be able to do it.


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