For the love of Denim

Hello readers, as much as I like to post everyday, this week has been different. First I’ve been away from my laptop and I’ve been having no motivation whatsoever.

Today I’ll be talking about Denims. I’m usually not a fan of denim but I’ve seen different types worn in different ways by some many people and I’m definitely loving it. Denim comes in different forms, there are skirts, shorts, jackets, trousers, gowns, dungarees (shorts, dresses, overalls etc) and the list could go on. Trends that were so 80’s are back and are so cool. The interesting thing about denim though is that it can be worn in any season. Some of us refrain from them during summer but it still can be worn, you just have to go for the really light ones (dresses and overalls), shorts or skirts (thick short ones or light average length ones). I’ve put together some of my favourite recent denim looks. Enjoy!

Ps: Pictures are not mine. They were randomly gotten from the internet. I’m still learning to tag so please pardon me for the time being.

Perfect for Summer and spring
Perfect for Spring
Perfect for spring
The skirt is perfect for summer but the whole look is perfect for Spring
I really love this look but I wouldn’t recommend it for summer because both the top and skirt are thick and fitted to the body but I’ll totally rock it for spring
Perfect spring outfit
Perfect for summer
I wouldn’t choose a black inner top with this for summer but it’s perfect for spring
I love this denim jumpsuit and how she rocked it but I’ll only wear it in a really cool weather cause it’s too covered up
From this picture the denim looks stretchy and wearing a white sleeveless top with it makes it perfect for summer
Perfect for spring
Sitting pretty in her denim jumpsuit which I think is perfect for summer
I totally love this look, I’m not so sure when to wear this but I’ll recommend spring
This looks so old-school but chic and comfortable, I’ll wear it for spring
I love this look but everything looks thick so I’m not sure I’ll wear this but maybe in autumn I’ll consider it
I love this outfit and I’ll wear it for summer and spring.

I hope you enjoyed the picture gallery.


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