10 Ways to Survive Lagos Sun

Happy Sunday lovelies. I’m sure most of us had thanksgiving in our churches today as it’s the first Sunday of a new month.

Most of us that live in Nigeria particularly Lagos can guess what inspired this post. For those of us that don’t know, it’s so hot in Lagos nowadays that you wonder if we are already in hell. The sun comes out in all of its glory like it has an agenda to burn some people.

I’ve lived in Lagos basically all my life and since I’m not leaving anytime soon, I needed to find ways to cope with the extreme hot weather. I’ve decided to share my coping mechanisms with you, hopefully it helps somebody out there.

  • Get a pair of sunglasses

I mean, how can you be living in Lagos and not have one. Sunlight hurts my eyes.Β  I can’t stay under the sun for long hours with my bare eyes, it’s usually so painful and it gives me a headache. My reading glasses too are tinted for light rays generally. While putting this article together, I found out that sunlight can really damage the eye. So if not for anything, for health sake, please protect your eyes. I can imagine how uncomfortable sunglasses are but will you rather have an eye defect? Besides sunglasses have evolved over the years and there are really cool designs out there. So just get one you really like that suits you.

With a slogan, “your eyewear style, our concern” I’m sure you can trust them with getting a lovely sunglasses. check @shop.neen
  • A face-cap

Well I guess this can serve as a substitute for sunglasses for those of us that really can’t be consistent with sunglasses. It’s not as efficient but it’s better than nothing.

See how her face-cap came in handy and the perfect outfit for this weather
  • A sunscreen

Sunscreen, also known as suncream or sunblock, is a lotion, spray, gel or other topical product that absorbs or reflects some of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and thus helps protect against sunburn. Apart from body creams that has a sun protection factor (SPF), you need an actual sunscreen. The ones in body creams aren’t as effective.

This is what a sunscreen looks like
  • Stay hydrated

The number one way to stay hydrated is drinking a lot of water. There are tendencies of getting dehydrated after being under the sun for too long. So I’ll advice you either carry a water bottle you take out filled with water which you can always refill or just have enough money to cater for your water needs. Another way to stay hydrated is eating fruits and vegetables. Well you can’t have these on the road so when you come back home after a long (sunny) day try to eat fruits or vegetables or both.

  • Wear the right clothes

I don’t know if anybody should be told this. The key thing here is comfort. I get really cranky when I wear the wrong clothes in times like this. For this weather, I usually go for:

  1. less clothes (ditch the jacket or any other thing that’ll make me uncomfortable)
  2. sleeveless tops or dress (tiny straps or baby sleeves are fine too), no long sleeves
  3. no black polo, no denim (check my post on denim for the kind of denim to wear during this weather)
  • Make the right hair

I realised how important wigs were when I couldn’t bear the heat any longer. Knowing I can come home and take off my hair is so much bliss..lol. I’m sure wig owners can relate. Another thing is, I avoid weaves. I’ll rather go for braids on so I can style them anyway depending on the weather and my mood. Nothing gets in your way and you can make big braids so it will be fewer. If you must fix a weave (hair extensions), avoid fringe or anything that’ll bring (extra) discomfort aside the sun..lol. I go for short hairstyles and short weaves generally.

  • Wear less makeup

If you’ll be jumping danfo, keke and the rest (commercial buses etc)..lol, then heavy makeup is totally unnecessary. I hope we can all agree to this. Look beautiful but keep it light. If you know you’ll be moving from an air-conditioned car to air-conditioned office and the rest, feel free to beat that face to stupor..lol

  • Check your body lotion

If you’ve noticed your cream makes you sweat a lot, ditch it for something more mild. Be sure to use antiperspirants and deodorants this period cause you’ll be sweating a lot and you don’t want a body odor.

  • Avoid long walks

Quit the Israelite’s journey to Canaan kind of movement..lol. It’s really sunny and you’re probably sweating and getting dehydrated, why won’t you just do what you have to do real quick and get out of the sun.

  • Eat and rest well

This helps you stay healthy after the stress of the day. You really don’t want to fall sick or start looking pale. Eat healthy, rest sufficiently.

I can boldly say that with all these you are ready to face your typical Lagos sunny day. I hope I’ve been able to help someone out there. If there’s something else that has helped you, please let me know.

Have a lovely week and keep reading.



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