She’s a fine girl sometimes

Good afternoon everyone, it’s a really sunny afternoon. As much as I would have loved a cooler weather, I’m not afraid of the sun (read last post) lol.

Today’s post is a bit personal. When I tell people I’m a fashion lover, they are quick to respond based on their perception of my style. Sometimes it’s hurtful because I feel they shouldn’t have an opinion about my style cause they don’t see me at the right time. These people are mostly just acquaintances that I run into maybe at a supermarket, market, just walking on the street or even at evening service. When I go to these places I’m thinking comfort so I basically just wear anything. But really though, what am I expected to wear, heels and really chic clothes to the market or few kilometers away from home? where I’ll just be spending couple of minutes? It just beats me.

My gym instructor is the first person that came to mind when writing this. This guy runs into me only when I’m walking back home from the market, next thing I know, I’m the topic of discussion at the gym the next day. He’s telling people how I’m a fine girl but I don’t dress well which makes it difficult for people to know I’m fine and appreciate my beauty. First I think it’s very unprofessional for him to even be talking about me in such manner then secondly, I’m coming from the market for God’s sake, what am I expected to be wearing?

Please guys what do you think of this whole situation? Do I need to step up my “running around look, speak style with my dressing wherever I am and at all times? Or it really doesn’t matter. If I look good when I’m going out or have somewhere important to be, then this shouldn’t matter right?

Ps: It’s not just my instructor that has said this but like I said, they don’t see me at the right time (*sad face)


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