Building Your Confidence Through Your Personal Style

Hey readers, how has your week been?

Today I’ll be sharing with you guys what I’ve learnt from looking good. If there was something I wanted you to pick from my last post, it would be that, I don’t always look my best. I gave my reasons why but personally I’ve decided that I’ll look good from now on no matter where I’m going to.

Have you ever worn a piece of clothing out before and just wanted to hide yourself because some where at the back of your mind, you feel you’re poorly dressed? Or you feel you’re not looking your best?

Have you also worn a piece of clothing and you wish there was a runway you could walk through so everybody could see your dress?

Well, for me I’ve been in these two situations. For the first one, it will be so bad that if I manage to find a seat, I’m not getting up till the program, class or whatever I went for ends before I leave so nobody will notice me in the crowd of people leaving. It generally kills my confidence. It affects my mood, attitude, infact spoils my day. I hate not feeling my best because I made a poor fashion decision. For some people it may not be that bad, they just take their minds off it while some people don’t even know they’re wearing rubbish ( sorry for being so blunt).

The second scenario is the one I love. See ehnn, if I’m looking beautiful from head to toe, I can’t even sit down till everybody has seen It makes me so happy when I feel confident in what I’m wearing, when I get compliments and when my pictures turn out great.

Some of us reading this may be quick to call me vain, but if you don’t agree, I have few questions to ask you. Why do you dress well for interviews? Do you agree it has a role to play in your performance or in you getting a job? Why do you dress well for an important date? Is it really cause you have to? Think about it.

I think to a certain extent the way you’re dressed, gives you a certain confidence in yourself (helps boost your self-esteem). Now I’m not saying you have to meet a certain standard. It’s about finding your style, what you’re comfortable in and look and feel your best in it. You don’t have to be a fashionista, just find what works for you.

For me, I wear just dresses and skirts,Β  and I feel most comfortable pairing them with flats or heels. I love heels, I feel my best on them but since I can’t wear them everywhere and every time, flats are my substitute. You’ll hardly see me wearing a sandal, I’ll still prefer wearing slippers to sandals. It always just feels off. Sometimes I see people in skirts and dresses ( or whatever they’re wearing) on sandals and look so good but I just know it’s not for me.

What also helps me look my best is, planning my outfit ahead of time. I’ll most likely wear rubbish if I hurriedly pick out an outfit. When I plan my outfit, it’s from head to toe and with other options. My hair must be made or my wig ready, my outfit and my shoes. It’s so bad that sometimes I have to try them on a day before to be sure I’m satisfied with that look. If I’m not trying it on a day before then I must have several other options just incase I try my first option the next day and I’m not feeling it. Picking out my outfit is an important part of my “going-out”

Another thing I do is, if I’m not sure how I’m supposed to dress to the event, I just ask for the dress code, if there’s a particular colour, if I’m supposed to wear a cultural attire or whatever, just so I have a clue. This helps me all the time so I’m neither over-dressed nor under-dressed.

The last thing that helps me is, as much as I have an idea of what I want to look like, I always need the opinion of others. I’m fortunate to have three fashionable sisters so they help out. Everybody knows how important it is for me to look my best. They don’t particularly know why it’s important but they are always glad to help. It’s the same reason celebs have stylists. You can’t always do it alone.

Note; I’m not dressing to be the best dressed not like I wouldn’t mind though but so it doesn’t affect my self-esteem. I want to feel as confident as possible so I can give my best.

One of these days I’ll document my process of picking out outfit for a particular event with pictures and you’ll see it takes a whole village to get Nonye


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