Trendy: Denim Skirts

It’s FRIDAY! Like you didn’t already know. What trend are we going to be rocking this weekend. I can’t help but notice everybody seems to be wearing a denim shirt. From blogger girls to media girls. Sorry let me rephrase, really short denim skirts. I’ve loved this look on everybody I’ve seen it on so far. Something about it I love though is the fact you can dress it up and since it’s the weekend and we’ll all be’s perfect!

My friend and I planned an outing tomorrow and I’m thinking of wearing really short skirts..not denim though but I’ll be having the short skirt vibe so who cares? I really hope I make it though, I always cancel last minute cause something always seem to come up. I really want to share some pictures with you guys.

For those of us that have been working long hours all week please rest enough this weekend. For those that have been waiting to turn’s time! but please be safe and do everything in moderation. For those that’ll just be chilling at home, still enjoy it..catch up with loved ones. Happy weekend Readers!

If you’ll be rocking something short this weekend, please comment with this emoji -πŸ™‹πŸΎ

Share pictures with us if you can. For inspiration though, check out the pictures I’ve attached

Blogger girl, Ifeoma :
Actress, Inidinma Okojie (I know you’ll say I like this picture sha)
Tv personality, Mimi Onalaja (same skirt, different looks)
Blogger: Valerie Egbuniwe
Blogger, Seyi Adenowo:
Blogger, Grace Alex:
Tv personality: Idia Aisien

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