Summary of my weekend

Happy new week guys. Hope you had a lovely weekend because I did.

On Saturday I went for mastering creative direction and fashion styling class hosted by The Assembly. I almost missed it cause I was running late and having double mind about it but I’m glad I went because I met lovely people (I took a picture with one of them mostly cause I liked her hair style but I noticed she was really nice too), learnt new things about styling and then my best speaker was Ezinne Zinkata. Her presentation was on-point and I could relate to her stories more. I got to meet her after her class and I can say that I have never met anyone more humble and nice. I also connected with few bloggers and it felt nice

Later in the evening, I went to Lekki Leisure Lake with a long time friend and a friend of hers and we had a lovely evening. I rode a Quad bike for the first time in my life and it was a lovely experience.

I’ve been driving for couple of years now but the only roads I know are the ones I go through everyday. I go to the island probably once every week both I’m still bad at roads. I was glad that I went on my own to and fro safely. Thanks to God and google maps. There were a few hiccups but I’m glad everything was fine in the end.

My Sunday was alright. Nothing major but it was another happy day. Efe won Big Brother and my radio session at Unilag fm was lovely too.

Below are few of the pictures I took on Saturday. Notice I didn’t wear a short skirt? Well in my defense the skirt I had in mind wouldn’t have been appropriate for the first event and I didn’t want to have to start changing outfits later but notice my short skirt lining and the slit?

My new friend and I
Quad bike girl
Peep my side slit


Notice my short lining that still made me show legs?

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