LOTANNA- The Movie (The Premiere fashion)

Hey fam! I’m allowed to call you guys that, right? I mean if you’ve been with me for a while now, you’re my blogging family. Deal with it!

Anyway, you know me now, were people are gathered for a hyped event, I’ll always show up to talk about what they wore.

The anticipated 2017 movie, “Lotanna; Remember Your Father,” held an old school themed premiere on April 8, 2017.

“Lotanna” is a story that revolves around a young boy who discovers at an early age that he has to offset a debt owed by his late father.

The young character goes through a myriad of trials and challenges that stand to break him or make him; aided by an unbreakable resolve to succeed, a sonorous voice, friends, enemies and mysterious people he meets along the way – Information gotten from Pulse TV

The event was attended by Adesua Etomi, Arese Ugwu, Somkele I., Bolanle Olukanni, Adunni Ade amongst others and since it was a 70s themed event, they all tried to dress the part. I’ll really give it to most of them cause they were really creative and came out looking amazing.

Bell bottoms, tight pants (tight clothes generally), bright coloured outfits, big hair (afro) to name a few, were the the defining factors of the 70s style. I’ll be talking about what some my favourite celebrities wore.

Actress, Somkele Idhalama

Please if I don’t talk about Somkele, who else will I be talking about? Since the AMVCA, where her style really caught my attention, I’ve been watching out for her. Let’s first talk about that pose, everybody seemed to be taking pictures with this background and I think the background gave everybody a certain vibe cause the pictures here were really nice. Her hair and tight clothing seemed to be her go to 70s style. For me I feel that even if you’re recreating an old fashion trend, find something that works for you and she did.

Actress, Inidinma Okojie

Ini doesn’t mess with her style, I can tell she takes it seriously and I can say maybe that’s something I have in common with her..lol. You tell her to dress up and she kills it. She really did put an effort into all the pictures taken of her in this particular outfit. Her hair, wide legged pants and bright coloured outfit gave her her own 70s vibe.

Actress and TV presenter, Michelle Dede

I love Michelle Dede but this was one outfit I really hated. Common girl, it’s 70s themed doesn’t mean you can’t kill it. I could tell she wanted to give the 70s vibes with her hair but I still didn’t like it. Nothing about her look worked for me and I swear I’m not a hater.

Arese Ugwu

The author of Smart Money Woman showed us another side of her in this outfit. She’s one person that I wouldn’t have expected to try and kill it but she did. She looked really good. Her hair, accessories and shimmery outfit was 70s but sexy.


Aunty Sharon. I guess I’m just a typical Nigerian girl for calling you that. I’m sure you didn’t even have to try. When they told you 70s theme, you were just like “70s right? ehnn no wahala” lol. This look was effortless and chic. The bright coloured wide legged pants and scarf certainly worked for her.

Actress, Adunni Ade

The 70s women thought sequence was the shit and Adunni came to tell us they were right. I’m always afraid of sequence especially with this colour but isn’t fashion supposed to be daring though?

TV presenter, Bolanle Olukanni

This had to be my favourite look of the night. She looked like all those 70s bad bitches. The hair, tight blouse and pants, bright colours too along side matching shoes makes her look like she’s in her early 20s even though it was so 70s.

Men’s style enthusiast and TV presenter, Denola Grey

If he didn’t get it right, then who did? He’s a men’s style enthusiast and he never fails to deliver. I loved everything going on with this look. Its Mr Grey (pun intended), I’m sure this was so effortless. This was definitely my favourite male 70s look. He looked like a member of one of those 70s boy band groups.

Ps: I think his chest might be his selling point cause it’s always open..well..asides his really chiselled face (steady looking like it’s contoured).

Actress, Adesua Etomi

The only thing 70s about this look would be the hair. Atleast nobody would say she didn’t make an attempt. I’m sure she was like please let me just stick to what I’m most comfortable with before I goan fall people’s hand. I wanted to see more from her but she looked good nevertheless.

Actress, Lilian Esoro

We should all know Lilian is not new to big hair so this wasn’t even a problem. The black sequence and wide legged pants and the hair of course had her looking like a 70s hot mama.

Movie Producer, Ifeanyi ‘Ifan’ Micheal

Oh hey Mr producer, I didn’t really know you before this movie but when you’re part of the people telling others to be dressed a particular way you have to lead the way and you did.

Ps: Is it just me or does he look like Uti Nwachukwu in this picture?

TV presenter, Mimi Onalaja

She said the head band was 70s enough for her. I don’t know if I agree and I really don’t know what made this look look 70s but it did. I think the sleeves or maybe the prints. Anyway she looked good and not so out of place.

I’ve never been to a themed party before and I can’t wait to go for one to see how I pull it enough and know if I’m even in the right position to be criticizing other people. Well whether i pull it off or not, I’ll not still stop talking about what others are wearing. What else will I rather be doing..lol.


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