Meeting the CEO of the Zinkata brand, Ezinne Chinkata

I met Ezinne for the first time on the 8th of April, 2017 at the mastering creative styling and fashion styling class hosted by the assembly official. I remember almost cancelling as my morning wasn’t going as planned and I started getting disinterested. Now I can only be thankful to God that I made it there. Amongst the guest speakers I was fortunate to listen to that day, I connected to Ezinne more ( you wouldn’t believe that I collected a girl’s number that day while listening to Ezinne and ended up storing the girl’s number as Ezinne on my phone. It was that What I loved most was her style of presentation and that her starting up story is a bit similar to a phase I’m going through right now and I knew right then that this was the person I wanted to talk to about everything going on in my head concerning my career (purpose).

After the class, I started to feel unsure about meeting her but I was walking back to my car (well I drove my mum’s car) and she was by hers, a few distance away from mine, and I was like why not talk to her. You can only get a no from her but atleast you’ll know you tried. I walked up to her and said hello and told her I loved her presentation, she was so polite and approachable and I was just like who is this woman? I went ahead and asked her if I could meet her again that I’ll love to talk more and she said, “You know what, I’ll give you my email address and instagram handle, feel free to message me and let’s talk there first” and I was fine with it.

For me to be writing this article I’m sure you can guess that I reached out to her again. I did reach out to her and she replied and of course, we met again (yesterday to be precise). She asked me to come along with all the questions I had for her.

To cut the long story short, I had only one question for her and it had to do with choosing a career path and i got my answer. Now there are few lessons I learnt from this whole experience:

  • God hears our prayers and He answers so far it’s in line with His will for your life. Of course he want you to know why He brought you to earth. When you ask Him, you may not a hear a voice or have a dream. He answered me through this woman.
  • Every person has a destiny helper if not helpers. For me, I’ve had a lot. It’s like at every phase in my life God put somebody there to help me. I don’t have one mentor. I didn’t have to do it all on my own. These people have loved me and taken my as their daughter and friend.
  • When you pray about something don’t just sit around doing nothing. For me, if I hadn’t gone out that day maybe my answer wouldn’t have come this quick. If you’re praying for a job, apply to companies, get more skills, make sure you’re employable. If you’re praying for success in examinations, be sure to study and get help where necessary. Don’t just sit around, your answer may not be far away from you. Stop expecting to see magic happen.
  • What really is success if you can’t help somebody else? I’ve always wondered about celebs that are hardly reachable or even bloggers that all of a sudden feel up there. I get you can’t read all your comments or emails etc but whenever you can, be ready to impact another person’s life. I never want to be the person that isn’t approachable, that can’t give back, that can’t help another person grow. People helped me and people need to be helped.
  • You’ll never know till you’ve tried. What’s the worst that can happen? get a NO? Fail? If you fail, you start again..if it’s a no if you’ll never be plagued with the what ifs, one day you’ll get your YES! keep trying

I won’t say now I’m sure what I want to be doing for the rest of my life but now I know that it’s okay not to know everything now. Everybody goes through this phase at some point, it’s only normal. It means something is working fine. I’m not sitting around like a confused girl, I’m actually trusting God, meeting people, developing relevant skills. I know somethings that don’t follow will drop off on its own eventually and everything will get clearer and streamlined as time flies. Most importantly I trust that God has my best interest at heart and everything is working for my good. My future is secured in Christ, it’s like a gift, right now I’m just unwrapping not sure what’s inside but since I have God, I know it’s beautiful.

How has your week been? I can’t wait to talking about what trends I’m eyeing right now. What trends have caught your eye this week?


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