Thelma’s Wedding

Thelma is my elder sister’s friend that became part of the family. I’ve known her for over 12years and she’s been like an elder sister to me. Her traditional marriage got me so emotional, I was really trying so hard to hold back tears. Her happiness, the constant smile on her face, the look on her husband’s face like he married the most beautiful woman on earth..just everything was so sweet to watch and in my mind I’m like, “that’s how Thelma is married sha”. Fast forward to Saturday, the 22nd, my emotions were not teary this time but overly excited.

For some unavoidable reasons I could not get the material for the wedding and this put a lot of pressure on me because I really wanted to look good. I tried on so many clothes. The one I finally settled for was a dress I had worn to a wedding last year but since it was my only option, I decided to dress it up differently. I hated the hair I had on so I tied a tuban and since the tuban was red, I decided to carry a matching red purse. I had a lot of accessories on that day and I did gold accessories.


Remember when I said I liked helping others pick outfits too, well my younger sister just got back from school and was completely clueless on what to wear and it was stressing her out plus her hair wasn’t made and no wig was in the house at the moment. So I stepped in and helped her pick an outfit from her wardrobe and basically everything else she wore that day. The only thing she was responsible for was her makeup. I’m glad that both out looks turned out great.

Outfit and accessories by me

So back to the wedding, remember that time I said I was overly excited, well, my happiness couldn’t be contained. I threw away all forms of shyness that day and came out to dance with the bride. I’ve never sprayed money on anybody before but I said I was going to spray her. I changed the little money I had with me into fifty naira notes just to make it seem like a lot and went out, whispered to her, “Thelma, I want to spray you money oh please dance for me” and of course she did and we had our moment. I danced a lot that day, I’m sure people will be looking at me like when last did this girl hear jamz cause I was behaving like somebody hearing really loud music for the first time. I had to turn up for Thelma. It just makes me wonder how I’ll act when one of my sister’s are getting married especially my elder sister.


Anyway I’m happy Thelma is a married woman now. God bless her home.


2 thoughts on “Thelma’s Wedding


    Congratulations to Thelma. Wishing her and her hubby a lifetime celebration of love. By the way, you and Amarachi look good in those dresses. *Kisses and hugs*


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