Take me back to the Weekend!

Goodmorning guys. Did I say I would write a new post this weekend? Lol! I didn’t even see my laptop this weekend let alone open it. But I’ll share with you how my weekend went to sort of make up for it (I kinda really just wanna write about my weekend sha..lol)

Anyway, lastweek I was sick but miraculously I felt my strength renewed each day and I can’t help but praise God for that. Come Friday night though, I got home feeling so weak, I could barely stand, I just took my meds and slept off with same clothes I wore back from work. I rested through Saturday and by evening same day, I was fine. Sunday came and after a lovely Sunday service, I had an event to be at, Creative and Entrepreneur FUBU Sales Meet and Greet event. I’ve been present at these kinda events lately cause it’s been part of my growth and discovery journey and self improvement (growth) is key. It turned out lovelier than I expected, I met really lovely people whose start up stories and journey were really inspiring. It was what I needed, it’s been a while I went out so it was a perfect way to loosen up and just relax in preparation for the coming week. I’ve attached pictures from yesterday’s event below.



I met this lady at her sales stand and loved her top and of course i wanted a picture. Right before this picture, my clumsy self stepped on her toe and i could only imagine how much pain she was going through but she still stood for a picture. 
A photoshoot session with a picture featuring my cool medicated glasses is definitely not complete.


A picture with Toyosi, owner of Desire1709. One thing I loved about this woman was how bold she was, making sense throughout her speech and of course her pants! Oh, did I say one thing? lol


The realest of them all, meet Adetoke Oluwo. Years ago when I decided to start wearing just skirts and dresses, her instagram page, stylegoestochurch, was very helpful so imagine how I felt meeting the person behind it all.

I’m writing this from my office desk and this is me trying so hard not to hate Mondays. So I’ll just say that, today and every other day this week will be wonderful, in Jesus’ name. AMEN!

Till next time,

Love, Nonye!


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