A wonderful reminder…

It’s funny how I started this blog as my own personal fashion police show but it’s gradually turning into a place I can just talk and share how I’m feeling. Today it’s a form of letting out my emotions (i’m writing this blushing).

I prayed for a positive week, I left my house today trying to be positive despite how I was feeling (I’m struggling with letting go of the anger I have towards my boss). It rained heavily this morning and I got to work drenched, took something I taught was a pack of chicken wings only to get to work to find out I took the wrong pack and this pack had rice in it and I didn’t take a cutlery, my tummy was hurting and I didn’t like how my day was turning out. I talked to a friend and felt a little better. After browsing through social media and checking out stuff on my laptop and phone, I decided to read.


I’ve loved reading Karen Kingsbury books ever since I read a book from her redemption series, Rejoice, which brought me to tears and made me continue reading her books. I was glad when I walked into my boss’ apartment last week and saw a small shelf containing most of her books especially ones I’ve been longing to read. No timing could be more perfect as I’ve been struggling with reading my bible or having a quiet time, I get so busy and I’ve been praying to God for the grace to fix that. Reading one of her books was going to help me stay connected to God, I said to myself, I wasn’t trying to use it to replace my bible but lately reading my bible has been a bit difficult so I knew it will be something, I’ll stay connected to God’s word somehow.

images (3).jpg

In the midst of my trying day I decided to read one of her books from the firstborn series, Found, writing this alone just assures me something, I’ll find God again the way I knew Him when I just gave my life to Christ. A part I read though prompted me to write ( I literally was compelled to put the book down and write).

Dayne, a movie star was searching for God, he was feeling empty, alone, lost and was in desperate need for a Savior. I’ve felt like this before and it made it remember how much better I felt after I let Jesus in. I didn’t have all the answers but I knew I was going to be fine, there was peace so I could relate to how he was feeling when He finally let God in and it brought tears to my eyes. He thought loving Katy Hart or finding his birth parents will fill the hole in his heart, He realized and I want every other person searching to realize this too, that that hole can only be filled by Jesus. The answer is in Jesus. Find Him!

images (4).jpg

I’m going to continue reading my book right after this post but I’m sure of one thing, I’ll say a prayer tonight and let God restore our relationship to what is was and even make it beautiful like what the characters in this book have with their maker. I want to know God as a Miracle God, my healer, my shield, my provider and so much more.

images (1).jpg

A song keeps coming to mind, “In Him do I live, move and have my being”, I think its a verse in the Bible too.

God loves you, yes YOU! Have a lovely evening.


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