Oh! Today’s not father’s day?

Hey guys, it’s been forever on here. I went to camp, came back and still couldn’t figure out how to find time to write. I mean, there’s a lot from camp I hope to share with you guys and I will in due time. I’m grateful to God most importantly that I’m writing right now.

I’ve been wanting to write this post since the 18th, Father’s day. I remember calling my dad on Monday, the 12th, the day I was to leave camp and he goes, “you didn’t call me to wish me happy father’s day”. I know these things get to my dad, but we (his kids and wife) legit never know these dates till we see it on social media. I feel bad though, not because I forgot but because somehow my dad seems to always get the shorter end of the stake, nobody really remembers his birthday or special days like father’s day and even if we do, no effort is made by anybody to get him something or make it special (he is partly to be blamed for everybody’s lack of interest though) but we always remember my mom’s and on mother’s day, when social media reminds us, we don’t hesitate to send her our love. I apologized to my dad for not calling and we moved on from that.

The 18th came, I saw everybody posting pictures of their dads on social media and writing epistles. I’m not one to really wish my parents anything on social media cause I know they won’t see it. I’ll rather tell them in person or send messages they’ll see. Anyway, I’m like how many mother’s day and father’s day do we celebrate, I mean, my dad told me it was last Sunday and we had moved on from the fact that I forgot, now this? I thought to myself, here’s my second chance to tell my dad how lovely a father he is. But you know what? I didn’t, I was mad at my father and telling him sweet things was the last thing on my mind. I really wanted to be the bigger person, I knew he’d appreciate it but I told myself, “he doesn’t deserve to get any sort of compliment from me!” I wanted to write about how I was feeling towards my dad, pour out every negative emotion I had felt over the years but thank God I didn’t find the strength or time to write, I would have made the world think he’s a bad father and you know what? He follows me on Facebook so he would have seen it, since my posts appear on my Facebook page and he would have been really sad, maybe not speak to me sef.


But as days passed, I started to ask myself and search within, “do you really remember just the bad, Nonye? I mean there were and still are good things too, right?” Yes! of course there are, lots of them! I love my dad, he’s far from perfect and there are many things he does that I don’t like. Most times I want to judge him and hate him but I can’t..HE’S MY DAD and he loves me! He doesn’t act like it always but I know!


Today isn’t father’s day but I’m grateful for my dad and I’m taking today when nobody is thinking of wishing their dads happy father’s day to say: HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, DADDY, I LOVE YOU REGARDLESS! Here are few things I’m proud of you for:

  • He’s the smartest man in the world. Sometimes I wish I was half as intelligent as him, I wonder if I’ll ever know as much as he knows. He knows atleast a little about everything. I hate news and I find it difficult following up so I just meet my dad and go, “Daddy, please what’s happening in the world?”ย  and oh my, he downloads all the information in ways my brain gets it (my mum does this to). It’s always nice talking to him. There’s so much to learn.
  • He claims he doesn’t have a favourite child but we lowkey know it’s me! We can’t stay mad at each other. I have all his “mumu” buttons!
  • He can be really cool at times, I love daddy gisting time, him telling us about life when he was growing up, cracking jokes and the in-betweens. It’s nice spending time with him. He makes us laugh really hard.
  • He’s obsessed with education, he tried his best to send us to the best schools and give us the best life he could afford. Sometimes we forget this, sometimes we want more but I’m thankful for everything he has done so far.
  • He’s the reason I’m not afraid of Maths! He took his time to teach me and was very patient cause I was a playful and unserious child. He taught us English too, he made us read books and taught us to spell, the man knows many words. Our house is never short of dictionaries and good books, we need a library!
  • He’s concerned about our health, just tell my dad you’re sick and see how he carries it on his head. He knows all the drugs to buy, he’s meant to be a doctor!
  • Talk about the skin care man, he loves us looking flawless. Just go, “daddy look at my skin or my body, what cream can I use?” He knows and will probably get all you need to look and smell nice.
  • I love how shy he gets when we tell him about women stuff, mostly periods. Or he badges into our rooms and sees us not fully dressed (he’s finally learning to knock)

This list could go on! Training just girls could be difficult. Making them grounded, providing for them so one stupid boy doesn’t flaunt coins and they’ll be tripping. We know how beautiful we are cause my dad never gets tired of saying it!


Life is too short to habour anger and hatred towards anybody especially our parents. You’ll be parents someday maybe even better than your own parents but you can’t be perfect! Just pray your child loves you regardless and not hate you for your imperfections!

Mr Kanu, my daddy!


I’ll write something for my mum someday, till then…


Nonye K.


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