This post has been a long time coming. Sometimes I just find it difficult to sit my ass down and put my thoughts to writing but I’m glad I’m finally documenting this so I can move on to documenting other things. Yeah I used “documenting” cause blogging is an act of documentation or so said Ozinna.


This last Saturday, to be precise the 23rd of September started out pretty nice. Nothing makes me more happy than dressing up and looking pretty. This year, I’ve found myself attending more events majorly cause self development. I had to be at the Breakthrough Blogging class hosted by The Assembly. So I’ll start by saying if you are a creative, try not to miss Assembly official’s classes cause they are educative and Informative. I started out with their first class sometime in April which i talked about here .I had been convinced for a while that Engineering wasn’t for me but the new question was, What was? I was interested in writing, styling and presenting and their class I stumbled on was: Mastering Creative Direction and fashion Styling. You can Imagine how excited I was, the questions on my mind was the title of their class! One after the other, all my questions have been answered, I’m 90% sure of what I want to be doing now.


Anyway, the speakers I looked forward to were Ozinna, Noble Igwe, Fola n Nosa and Ezinne Alfa ehmm I guess that’s almost all of them. One thing I love about these gatherings is getting to see these “celebs” and hearing their startup stories.


I decided last minute to attend Fashion Is Life which held at Omenka Art Gallery. Do you sometimes feel you look so good and one event isn’t enough to show case your looks? Well, yeah that’s how I felt. My sister wasn’t taking too long to get to me and get my heels so I had to take pictures wearing my flats.


Below is a quick run-down of all the classes/events I’ve been to this year:

  1. A book review class; we were reviewing the book, THE SMART MONEY WOMAN by Arese Ugwu. I actually hoped to see the author there like they promised but I was glad that I gained more than just seeing the author. It was from that class, I started taking conscious steps to spend wisely, save and maybe buy my own land I attended this book club with my sister, we’ve been doing a lot together this year and I think she’s impressed with my zeal to learn, improve and grow.

FullSizeRender (43)

2. The second one will have to be the Mastering Creative Direction and Fashion Styling hosted by The Assembly official. You can imagine how eager I was to see what this class was all about when it seemed to have the answers to my questions right there in the title. For more about how this class went check here.

PS: if you’re a creative looking to growth and meet with people already making it, you should totally follow @assemblyofficial

  1. Shortly before I went for camp, I recently started following @thebloggerpoint on instagram so I learnt about a blogger’s hangout at Eve’s restaurant, Victoria Island, Lagos which I shared here
  2. There was another class by Assembly official sometime in July on Confident writing, I loved how interactive that class was and for the first time I realized I was a copywriter too!
  3. Then came this Fashion focus talks hosted by the Lagos fashion and design week team. I got to meet Eku Edewor. There were other speakers but I loved her talk most.


6. Then I went for a digital marketing class hosted by Ringier with my sister again, who has been my partner some-worth on this journey. Instagram can be more than just a place to post pictures and keep up with gossip. There are so many other useful sides of it to be explored especially Instagram for Business. This wasn’t my first digital marketing class and probably won’t be my last as there are tons of things to learn.


7. Then there was blogger’s brunch hosted by the blogger point which I shared here

8. The last on this list is The Ask Series featuring Mimi Onalaja. This particular one made me realize how socially awkward I could be especially when everybody there seemed to know themselves and I was the only loner there. I remember just telling God after this gathering that I want to tell my own success story real soon after all this hustle and bustle. So far this year I’ve surprised myself, I’m a lot motivated and I’m thankful for that.

Can we go back to where I said my Saturday started nicely? Well yeah, a friend invited me to a wedding. I decided to drive that Saturday cause I didn’t have enough cash to Uber everywhere. I got lost a couple for times trying to find my way from Ikoyi to Ikeja only to finally get there and was pissed off by the person that invited me. It hurt me that I had put in a lot of effort to be there and regretted even trying. Oh well, I’ve decided I won’t stress out about friendships anymore.




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