A Letter to My Teenage Self

Dear Teenage Self,

I write this to you from a place of knowledge of who you are and who you are becoming. Never base your career choice on other people’s ideas, goals and recommendations. Remember that time you were confused on what you wanted to study in Uni and you felt like you needed extra time and counseling so you’ll be sure and not make a mistake? Don’t be scared, follow your heart, your path is not too crowded, you are unto something big. Thank God somehow you’ve realized this and you’re happy. Hopefully, Mom and Dad will see your passion and support you.


Sometimes you felt so alone and thought you needed more friends. Having too many friends is overrated. The companion you keep will affect your life and decisions, you need to learn that everybody can’t be your friend and you can’t please everyone. Appreciate the people who uplift your spirit and never apologise for picking your friends wisely.

Stop looking for a husband in every man that asks you out: You’re a teenager, he’s probably some years older and you are already wondering if he’s the one you’ll marry. Learn to have healthy friendships, it is okay to be just friends, don’t let anybody pressure you into a relationship you don’t want as a way to keep their friendship.


You try to be honest with yourself and while that’s a plus, learn to be honest with other people too and express yourself.  It is okay to say how you feel. You’re the kind of person that cherishes peace and wants everybody to be happy but sometimes you do so at the expense of your own happiness. In the process, you bottle things up and you find yourself exploding at the slightest provocation.

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too sensitive, because this is what makes you stand out and see what others don’t see. You worry you maybe too emotional, this is okay too. Be yourself, don’t put pressure on yourself to conform to how people want you to live. For now, be who you were born to be.


Right now you don’t seem to like Mummy much and Daddy seems like the best person in the universe. Things will take a turn, you’ll grow to learn that Mummy’s methods maybe wrong but she loves you immensely. Daddy is far from perfect and sometimes many of his words and decisions will break your heart but I want you to remember that He loves you in his own twisted way. Learn from their mistakes and let it help mold you into an awesome woman.

There will be so many moments of joy and happy times. There are so many days you will sleep smiling at life. Please appreciate one of these days. Don’t stop writing because writing helps you express yourself in ways words and tears can’t. There are more stressful days ahead and some days maybe filled with immense pain and you’ll feel like giving up on life and you must learn to pray, tell God about it, talk to relevant people and most of all, pour it all out from your heart to your finger tips. I hate to tell you this but life is easier for you right now so enjoy it and be ready to face what lies ahead.

Life is full of trial and phases. Each phase has its own journey and something to teach you. Decisions you have to make are no more black and white, the mistakes you make will be solely yours to bear. So right now, LIVE!

Don’t worry about how you’ll turn out, you don’t have to have figure everything out now. You will be fine, I promise you.IMG_7949


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