Life Lately + How I’m Preparing for the New Year

It’s been forever ago on here but that has partly been due to laziness and the plans I’ve been making to re-brand my blog. The re-branding is taking a while and I’ve decided to still document things till it can finally be done.

I’ll be sharing with you guys few things I’ve been up to while I was away. Stay tuned 😜

Firstly I rounded up my appointment with The5kShop which was a big step for me as it took a while for me to finally makeup my mind and be at total peace with it. I don’t have a new job and I don’t know what the future holds but I’ve decided to trust God.

I also collaborated with some bloggers and we did a Christmas themed shoot. It was my first collaboration and it was nice, no awkwardness whatsoever. Maybe cause they were not totally strangers. Jumoke Akintomide of The Unapologetic, was a classmate in Secondary School. We weren’t even friends in secondary school but everybody is all grown up and it felt nice seeing her again. Uzo Kalu or as I like to call her, Uzzy, of The Life of Uzzy. I met Uzzy from The Blogger’s Brunch Event I talked about Here, we started following each on instagram, met at other events and having to work on this collaboration together brought us even closer and I’m thankful for that. The last blogger and the mastermind of the collaboration, Tosin of Tade Fab Style, I got to find out was my junior by a year in Secondary school and we went to same Uni (University of Lagos). Thankfully, we also worked with a wonderful photographer that helped bring our vision to life.

L-R: Jumoke, Uzzy, Me (Nonye), Tosin


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as ill on Christmas day but thankfully I got better and got to spend quality time with friends and family during this holidays.

I'm usually hyped about the month of December because of the holidays and because it's the last month before the new year. For me, it's usually a time to reflect on the year. It always feels like I'm being given a new slate again and I love that feeling of ending an old chapter and starting a new one or starting afresh kinda vibe I get when the month is coming to an end.

It's the last day in 2017 and there's a lot to be thankful for. I have a planner where I've marked out important dates to create content, my spiritual and financial goals, another notebook to write down all my blog goals and ideas and the last one to write my career and creative goals and ideas. I used to write down my goals years back but I stopped because I never really paid attention to it after writing them down, no plans on how to achieve them and I just let life happen to me. But this year I'm choosing to be intentional; I've written my goals down and committed them into the hands of God. A clean slate has been given to me again and I'm hyped about the positive things I'm going to fill it with.

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m off to church soon as it's our family tradition to always spend New Year's Eve in the presence of God, I've grown to love it and won't have my New Year's Eve spent any other way.

How are you spending New Year's Eve? and what plans have you put in place to be intentional about the coming year? Do share with me in the comment section.

Happy New year Guys!



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