One of my favourite shows is Fashion Police on E! (Channel 124 on DSTV) and the only show close to that in Nigeria is Style101 on Spice TV (I don’t like it as much though..I feel their content needs a little work). For the longest time I’ve felt like I was part of the Fashion police team, giving my own views then I watched the AMVCAs red carpet this year and I wanted to analyze the fashion there and that’s how NonyeSpeaks… came about. But that’s not all I like to talk about, hence the other categories.

I’m Nonye Kanu. Christianity is more than just a religion to me, knowing God is awesome. I’m a nineties baby. The things I like about studying Chemical engineering are: Β the name (lol) and how it made me realise how much I needed God.

I hope you enjoy reading and seeing things through my eyes.


Nonye Pleasant Kanu..


instagram: @nonye.speaks

email: pleasantkanu@gmail.com