A wonderful reminder…

It’s funny how I started this blog as my own personal fashion police show but it’s gradually turning into a place I can just talk and share how I’m feeling. Today it’s a form of letting out my emotions (i’m writing this blushing). I prayed for a positive week, I left my house today trying […]

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Summary of my week

Hi guys, you can’t begin to imagine how much I’ve missed writing but guess what? I got a job! You know one interesting thing about it, I got the job I wanted. The only sad thing is, I may not be able to write as often and I’ll most likely be talking about my week […]

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In the Spirit of Easter..

Hi readers, I feel like I’m always apologizing for being absent but today I’m making a promise to you, my blog and myself that I’ll be more consistent. That aside, Happy Easter everyone! If not for you all that maybe your churches celebrate it or are usually excited about it that remind me somehow of […]

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Summary of my weekend

Happy new week guys. Hope you had a lovely weekend because I did. On Saturday I went for mastering creative direction and fashion styling class hosted by The Assembly. I almost missed it cause I was running late and having double mind about it but I’m glad I went because I met lovely people (I […]

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She’s a fine girl sometimes

Good afternoon everyone, it’s a really sunny afternoon. As much as I would have loved a cooler weather, I’m not afraid of the sun (read last post) lol. Today’s post is a bit personal. When I tell people I’m a fashion lover, they are quick to respond based on their perception of my style. Sometimes […]

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Hello April…

I started this year with setting goals. I didn’t call them resolutions, I guess cause I think having new year resolutions is so cliche. This is the beginning of the second quarter in this year and for me I like to reflect. Today is the first day in a new month, April. I’m guessing we’ve […]

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