Back in the days, I wasn't a "shades" girl as I thought they drew attention to me and I was one hell of a shy girl. Who knew that in few years to come, they'll become an obsession?Who knows, maybe one of the reasons I love them now is cause I don't mind the attention …

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#TheLIST: 2017 trends that are making a comeback

Fashion in January seems to be filled with revitalized trends from 2017 and I'm totally here for it. 1. The Beret trend This trend came to the limelight late last year and has since become every fashionista's go-to look. I still can't decide who rocks this trend better; guys or girls? πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ 2. The tiny …

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Weekend Vibes

*singing* Hey readers, how you doing? Anyway I'm here to talk about what trend we"ll be rocking this weekend. Can we guess? Mules! Mules!! Mules!!! Did anyone guess that right? These are one type of shoes I didn't think I'll be eager to include in my wardrobe. Fashion really does evolve! My mom had these …

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Trendy: Denim Skirts

It's FRIDAY! Like you didn't already know. What trend are we going to be rocking this weekend. I can't help but notice everybody seems to be wearing a denim shirt. From blogger girls to media girls. Sorry let me rephrase, really short denim skirts. I've loved this look on everybody I've seen it on so …

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For the love of Denim

Hello readers, as much as I like to post everyday, this week has been different. First I've been away from my laptop and I've been having no motivation whatsoever. Today I'll be talking about Denims. I'm usually not a fan of denim but I've seen different types worn in different ways by some many people …

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Weekend Vibes: Views on the braless trend

Back in the days, buying a first bra was like a rite of passage for young women.Β These days however, most people seem to be ditching the undergarment. I recently came across an article that said; going braless is nothing new β€” the concept is at least as old as the women’s liberation movement of the …

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The Choker Fashion

The choker accessory has received both negative and positive vibes. I can imagine why people make fun it is because some people wear it so wrongly or look like they are being strangled by it. I've seen people make wrong choker choices or abuse the fashion in general, they wear it on every damn thing, …

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Style interest: Sneakers, brogues on dresses and skirts.

Even though sneakers and brogues look really good on trousers, they seem to be looking a lot better on dresses and skirts. Now I can't tell if it's cause I wear just skirts and dresses or i think this fashion trend is really cool and it's here to stay. I mean, jeans can sometimes get …

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